About Us

Our main goal at customcargrills.com is to provide our customers with the best car products that we can make. Every grill is originally handcrafted out of lightweight metal to fit the exact needs of every car. The patterns are then transferred into a CAD so they can be duplicated to the exact specifications of the original design. A lot of effort goes into each and every grill that we make as we strive for perfection to meet all your needs. customcargrills.com also tries to provide other manufacturers high quality products in addition to our own line at an almost unbeatable price.


This was our first product that started being produced in 2001. What started as a hobby for a couple people has now turned into what you see today. We still use some of the same techniques that we did when we first started as well as some new innovations that are unique to customcargrills.com. We have been providing hard to find grills for niche markets as well as low cost grills for bigger markets also.

We offer over 15 different types of universal sheets which are available in a small size of 6"x36" and a large size which can range up to 12"x48", 16"x48", or 16"x60". There are two finishes available for the mesh products, we offer both a mill finish silver look as well as a powder coat gloss black finish. Other finishes, like powder coat flat black and gun metal gray are available in a few select styles.

One of the great features that we provide our future customers is the availability of many types of samples. We have a limited amount of free samples available of a couple popular styles. There is also a paid sample, which will include all the different types of mesh that we stock. For the tech savvy customers, we offer a digital sample pack via iTunes for iOS devices.


Introduced in 2003, we have two vinyl plotters dedicated to making vinyl decals. Both machines are primarily used for making promotional decals for customcargrills.com, though we can do custom designs or lettering to fit your needs. We have a wide range of colors available to use for sign making as well as the experience needed to get the job done.


We offer a wide variety of rubber trims that we first used in 2004. The main trim we use is the Neoprene Rubber Edge Trim which works well for the more popular styles of materials that we sell. In addition to the small neoprene trim we offer a large neoprene trim, as well as a very small polyethylene trim (with adhesive), and a vinyl trim that has a steel core to it.


Integrating the best pictures & videos that we can produce is essential to our success. We've pioneered the new standard for ecommerce using HD videos of our products as well developed our own iPhone app that will display our materials in life size.

In addition to the pre-sales media, we offer an online customer gallery for the world to see some of the best custom grill work that people have done using our products. We offer a weekly Facebook post that showcases the great installs that have been submitted by happy customers.