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April 23rd, 2010

Perf SS Problems

TGIF, am I right? This has been a counterproductive week. The new slotted perf mesh came in but was not punched right, so it's been sent back it will be weeks before the correct punch is made. The new woven material will be pushed back an additional week as well. On the bright side, I do have some new installation accessories I'll be showing off soon that I think you will like so be sure to check back for those.


April 16th, 2010

Wire Nippers

I've got some new wire mesh coming soon. It's going to be different than the current style you see on the website. The new one is about twice as thick & twice as open. It's going to be double crimped which will hopefully reduce fraying. At this time I only plan on stocking it in the Diamond stylen but for the first time it's available in both Stainless AND Aluminum. Pricing should be similar to current styles.

Here's another Tool Tip for you. Sometimes I need to make a good straight cut in a tight spot. Unfortunately, something like tin snips just can't do it all and that's why I have a variety of tools.

GMC's inserts seem to be prone to needing tiny adjustments around the logo. For that I use a smaller version of a hard-wire end cutter. Works great for notching out 1/8" on the M or C part. If you know a similar tool that works for for a curve (for the G portion) please let me know.


April 12th, 2010

Tacoma - Small Diamond Restock

Those Tacoma's that were out of stock for a while are back in. Restocked plenty of the Black Small Diamond sheets as well. I'm working on a new quick reference installation sheet... but I'm not sure how well it's going to work out. It's been a popular request for a long time, though there's no universal way to install everything we sell.


April 2nd, 2010

Miter Tool for Trim

Speaking of trims, I have had a few people here and there ask how to trim a mesh insert that has a sharp angle. The answer is the 90 Degree Miter Tool pictured below. You can actually put different angles on the cut, from 300-ish to 80-ish. Works perfect every time. For those who need something on a smaller budget, a skillfully placed cut with an X-acto knife works perfect on the neoprene trim.

What a month March was... very busy. We're burning up some 80+ degree days here in MI already at the start of April, and I hope it doesn't stop. Just a heads up on the two chrome trims I'm currently stocking, I'm getting low on stock and when it's gone then it's gone! It was just never really pliable enough for it's purpose.


March 26th, 2010

Small Perf - Silver

Just a quick addon to that last post, the Canon PowerShot G7 is still an awesome camera for being 3 yrs old. I love that thing, I just wish I was better at using it, lol. All orders from this week cept 2 from this afternoon were shipped. Diamond Woven wire stock is getting low. I'm pondering to try out a crimped style wire cloth this year, we'll see.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not always the best photographer, lol. Apparently it's near impossible to get a pic of polished aluminum indoors. IDK, I stumbled across an old prototype of an envoy that I had polished up for a customer. I know a lot of you guys are doing this post-purchase. It's something I'm thinking about offering as an option.


March 23rd, 2010

Tacoma Out of Stock

Im out of stock on those new Tacoma inserts, I get some new ones on the site ASAP but I'm at the mercy of the paint shop, as usual.


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