April 16th, 2010

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Wire Nippers

I've got some new wire mesh coming soon. It's going to be different than the current style you see on the website. The new one is about twice as thick & twice as open. It's going to be double crimped which will hopefully reduce fraying. At this time I only plan on stocking it in the Diamond stylen but for the first time it's available in both Stainless AND Aluminum. Pricing should be similar to current styles.

Here's another Tool Tip for you. Sometimes I need to make a good straight cut in a tight spot. Unfortunately, something like tin snips just can't do it all and that's why I have a variety of tools.

GMC's inserts seem to be prone to needing tiny adjustments around the logo. For that I use a smaller version of a hard-wire end cutter. Works great for notching out 1/8" on the M or C part. If you know a similar tool that works for for a curve (for the G portion) please let me know.