January 28th, 2011

Discounts Apply !
 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Nissan Juke - Small Diamond - Black

I just got this picture in today from Tom in Cali. He made a very stylish and very functional mesh insert kit for his Nissan Juke. Something like this will be available soon in a pre-made kit for other Juke owners looking to do something similar. Pricing should be about $40, and hopefully the first sets will be done in a couple weeks.

The website has had a few changes and updates this week. In the process, I have temporarily lost the zoom function that I really liked a lot. I'm hoping that can be restored soon. In the meantime, if you want to see a larger picture of a product then click on the thumbnail of the product you want to see.

Most orders from this week have shipped. There was a few latecomers today that'll have to wait till Monday to ship but the rest should be on their way. Have a good weekend.