June 10th, 2011

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Mazda 6 - Diamond Extreme - Custom

There's a chance I forgot to pack some free decals in a few orders today. If for some reason I missed one in your order, and you'd like one, please email me and I'll be sure to mail it out. I actually cut those decals here in my office on a 24" vinyl plotter. If I had more time, vinyl decals would probably be something I'd invest more resources into.

The picture of the week is a good one. I find it to be good timing, since I was just talking about colored mesh a bit in the weeks before. This is a sheet of Diamond Extreme, on a body kit for a Mazda 6. The installation looks flawless, and the mesh really stands out.

I'm out for the week. Have a good weekend, and stay cool.