November 11th, 2011

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Pontiac Grand Am - Diamond XXL Flat - Silver

Here's a good picture of an install for the XXL Flat Grand Am SE grills. I see a lot of the Small Diamond installs on this vehicle but I really like how the larger mesh stands out here. There's a black powder coated version of this grill available as well that looks very nice and blends in as almost OEM equipment.

I'm still looking for some Scion tC testers if there's any out there. I'll need some Volvo XC testers soon as well. I'll likely post a picture of what I have going on with the Volvo next week. At first I'll just have the bumper piece available but hopefully the top piece will done soon as well.

Today is Veterans Day, and the late Thurs & Fri orders will be delayed until Monday. The rest of the orders for the week have shipped and they'll be arriving soon. Have a good weekend.