December 9th, 2011

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Holden Ute - Small Perf - Silver

About 6 months ago I put a picture of an Australian Ford sport's truck. They call them Ute's down under actually. Well this week I had some pics of GM's version (branded as Holden) of the vehicle sent in. They drop some V8's in these, which I suspect are from the Camaro, and the styling is unlike anything here in the U.S. I really like this picture, great grill cutting & install as well as perfect lighting to show it all off.

What a week it's been here. My AT&T microcell died on me, so phone support has been very hit or miss. If I missed some calls, I apologize and I think I've returned all the voicemails from this week. The CCG website today has come to a crawl for some reason. The host must be having some bandwidth issues, so unfortunately the site is a bit slow at loading at this point.

We got our first real snow today and some bitter cold temps to match. I'll have to get the snow blower ready to go soon, because I know I'm gonna need it in the next few weeks. I think all but 1 custom order has shipped this week, look for your orders soon.