December 30th, 2011

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Diamond Woven Wire - Silver

It's back... the 1/4" Woven Wire in the Diamond Weave has returned due to popular demand. It's hard to believe that I discontinued the material over a year ago but it's true. I've read the emails and listened to the phone calls and I got these sheets back in stock now AND I've knocked them down 10% in price from where they used to be. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to seeing the installed pictures.

Well, New Year's is just a couple days away. 2011 has been a great year for us, and I greatly appreciate all the continued support from everyone. I've got a couple new ideas already set in motion for 2012 and I hope you like what's coming. Like previous years there will be a new material being stocked soon, and there will be a couple newer website integrations as well. The iPhone app will get a lil lovin, and there's a small chance I might be able to port it to the Android marketplace too.

Have a good weekend as usual, and have a Happy New Year.