March 30th, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Dodge Ram - Woven Wire - Silver

Here's another premium install with the 1/4" Woven Wire mesh. Originally this customer ordered some Diamond Extreme mesh overlays for his Dodge Ram but we exchanged them for some uncut material to do an install behind the grill shell. After gutting out the stock grills, this woven mesh really transformed the front end and gave it a great custom look.

I've got a couple emails recently about the color of the screws we pack with some kits. I did recently find a good source for black oxide screws, as opposed to the galvanized. Starting next week, the new hardware packs will include the black screws for the appropriate packs, while the galvanized will still be used in some applications. If you need some of the new black screws, please email me.

Well, the BIG Lottery is tonight, and best of luck to anyone who may of purchased some tickets. If any of you hit it big, hit me up for a grill when you get some new rides. All the orders are out the door and I'm out for the weekend. See ya next week.