June 1, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Chevy Malibu - Perf GT - Silver

I've seen some good custom bumpers made before but this is one that really stands out. We shipped out one of the high gloss powder coated Silver Perf GT sheets to give it a little extra style. This is a Malibu with a combination of 2 different front ends. Can you recognize the non-Malibu parts?

This week I made 2 new videos. One for the new Perf Hex material and one for a Saturn ION Reline installation. The Perf Hex sheets are starting to get out and I'm hoping to see some fresh installed pictures of this material soon.

Next week, I should have some 24"x48" Small Diamond sheets posted on the website. These have been requested many times before but will only be available in silver at this time. All the orders for the week are out, have a good weekend.