July 27, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Volvo XC - Diamond XXL Flat - Flat Black

Here's another great Volvo XC grill install. This is the first customer install of the pre-formed Flat Black powder coat I have received back so far. I saw a "before" picture of the grill and it was quite beat up from years of use. The grill change was really a great facelift for the vehicle. Great job on a tricky install.

The finished products from the drawings I made last week of the Ram and F-150 are done. With the 09+ Ram, I decided to go with a version that will have the rubber trim as well as an untrimmed version. Frequently I hear that people wish there was an option to buy the grills trimmed or untrimmed. It's not always viable to do that, but in this case I made it work.

This week, I put some thought into getting a new Woven Wire mesh for 2013 and I have an idea of what to do. This Fall/Winter I'll likely finalize it and I'm hoping that next Spring I'll have a new material that'll be a really unique look. Have a good weekend.