August 10, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Toyota Tundra - Perf SS - Black

Check out this '01 Tundra with a modified TRD grill. I like this specific mod a lot and it looks great on all the Toyota trucks I've seen it done on so far. In this case, we had shipped out some Black Perf SS material and the customer did a great job on gutting out the stock grill and installing the new mesh. Keep up the good work.

This week I made a template for the Dodge Challenger and overall it turned out very well. I'll probably post of a picture of the work soon, though it will need a little refinement before I put them up for sale. As with the picture posted this week, I used the Perf SS the Challenger project.

I ordered a Chevy Cruze factory grill recently and received it today. I'm pretty sure I can make some pieces that will fit the factory grill but attaching will be difficult I think. So many areas are completely solid and blocked off to run any attachment materials though.