August 24, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Pontiac Lemans - Small Diamond - Silver

This is the 2nd car from '72 that was sent in this year. Today it's a '72 Pontiac Lemans Sport, and it's equipped with some of the Small Diamond mesh. I saw a picture of what it looked like before the mod, and I think this was a great addition both in appearace and function. The neoprene trim really makes the new mesh part as a whole feel like it was factory made.

There seemed to be a fair bit of inquiries for the newer Acura MDX grill inserts. I can see why, there's just something lacking in that factory mesh area. So, I ordered some factory pieces to work off and hopefully I'll get something going for those soon. I'll update with progress on this as it becomes available.

This weekend we have the Metro Cruise in town. I'll probably be out and about, so if you live locally and see one of the customcargrills-mobiles on 28th st, be sure to say hi!