September 14, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Dodge Neon SRT-4 - Small Diamond - Black

A popular mod for a few of the Dodge models is to gut out the crosshair bars that separate the main grill into four sections. Sometimes this is for cosmetic reasons and sometimes for function. This customer pic of their SRT-4 a good example of how drastic of a change this can be. With the new opening exposed, this customer chose to use the Black Small Diamond mesh to protect the front mount intercooler.

This week I was able to wrap up all the custom orders that were on hold for a while. As the weather starts to cool down, I'll have a bit more time to do custom projects. One of the last orders we did this week was a custom grill for a rally car that I hope to get some pictures back. The grill was HUGE, one of the biggest we've done.

The new iPhone announcement was this week. I know the current version of the customcargrills app will work on the new phone. I'll likely start work on a new app to take advantage of the new screen size, though I'm not sure how compatible it will be with the old version.