October 19, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Ford Taurus - Small Hexagon - Black

Cutting out factory grill components can sometimes have dramatic effects. In the case of this 2012 Ford Taurus, removing the top and bottom horizontal bars really opened up the front end. A new paint job on the grill shell and some Small Hexagon in Powder Coat Gloss Black finished it off nicely. Great job on the whole project, it's well executed.

This week, I restocked the mounting bases with a slightly different part than what we were selling before. The new screws that go with the mounting base are better than before and conceal very well. I shot a new install video that it actually a little more complete than the previous one and it's already uploaded to YouTube.

Soon, I'll post a picture of the Dodge Caliber grills we have. We'd been without a picture for these for quite some time but I recently had a chance to take a few pictures of them on the vehicle. There's also an updated Perf SS 97-03 Grand Prix picture, which a customer had noticed was missing and then sent in his own picture for use. The new picture looks great, thanks for sending that in.