Mesh Match - Grille Mesh Matching Game

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 Written by: customcargrills
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We’re not all work & no play here at customcargrills. Mesh Match is the world’s first grille mesh themed game and is now available in the Apple app store. It’s free to download, with no ads or in-app purchases & no BS; just free.

This fast paced matching game is easy to pick up. Just swipe blocks up/down or left/right and match 3 of more blocks in a row or column to break them and score points.

Power-ups are available through combos. There are row or column breaking blocks, along with special blocks that break the surround area. The most devastating power-up is the Hexagon Heart that breaks all of one color at a time.

With Game Center enabled, and logged in, you can climb the leaderboard and become the Mesh Match master! If you’re able to beat me (user name “customcargrills” on the leaderboard), hit me up for a special discount code to use on our site.

Head over to the App Store today to give Mesh Match a download and challenge me and your friends. This is only available on iOS at this time (sorry Android users)

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