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C8 Vent Inserts
- 11/17/2021
I bought a plastic version of the vent inserts and was not happy with the size of the mesh. After searching the forums, decided to pick up the hex mesh from Custom Car Grills. I'll be reviewing the site and forums for templates and installation instructions. Thanks for the fast delivery along with the exact order and great condition of the product I received.
Looks good and easy to work with
- 10/21/2021
Looks good and easy to work with. Shipping was really fast!

Photos on IG @flatpackpotato if you'd like to see it.
Problem Solved
- 4/7/2021
My 2017 Thor ACE motorhome has whistles loudly ever since I bought it, used, last year. I can tell the previous owner went crazy over this as every hole on the rig is filled with silicone.
After some troubleshooting I found that the plastic grate grill was causing the whistling.
After scrutinizing on size I selected the flat black perforated hex 14 gauge grill. Cut and installed in less than 15 minutes. The whistling is gone and this is the best fix ever!
Stronger than expected
- 12/14/2019
Stronger than I thought it would be but still easily shapable
looks good, nice price
- 12/4/2019
Shipped quick with no damage
Exactly what I needed
- 9/15/2019
I needed to make a replacement grille for my 1984 GMC G2500. This material was easy to work with and looks great.
Nice grill replacement
- 7/10/2019
It worked great! My grill now looks better than new!
Recommend !
- 6/29/2019
Love this product ! It was easy to work with, got this for a DIY project for rear reflector delete. Ended up spray painting it gloss black, this mesh was glue with goop automotive glue and I cut this to fit the size of my deflectors with a Dremel tool, and so far has been holding up well. Love the finish product and will definitely buy more for future DIY projects.
- 6/28/2019
The mesh looks awesome and super easy to cut. With the hex mesh I was able to cover the hood opening and the bottom portion of my new bumper and I still have plenty of mesh left for another project. I am more than satisfied with the product. I will definitely definitely buy it again. HOOAH!
Nice looking grill. Cuts fairly easily
- 5/22/2019
The price was a little steep but this is a much nicer piece of grill than other options that are available.
Great Product
- 3/17/2019
I have had this product mounted in the bottom grill of my car that I drive in rust belt and it has held up perfectly! I am very surprised!
- 1/31/2019
- 1/18/2019
Good stuff
- 1/4/2019
High quality grill material. Surprisingly rigid, and doesn't bend unless you want it to bend. Also comes boxed VERY nicely. If I ever need to make another grill in the future I will definitely be ordering from them again!!!
- 1/4/2019
High quality grill material. Surprisingly rigid, and doesn't bend unless you want it to bend. Also comes boxed VERY nicely. If I ever need to make another grill in the future I will definitely be ordering from them again!!!
Looks great
- 12/18/2018
Great Mash easy to work with easy to cut
Should be good
- 11/26/2018
As expected
- 9/17/2018
Grill arrived un damaged and as expected. Very good quality.
Grill protection
- 9/4/2018
Used this behind the lower grill of a 2003 Honda CR-V to protect the A/C condenser from road rash. It required some trimming to fit and i used black tye-wraps to secure it. It worked great
Outstanding product and customer service
- 7/27/2018
Matt takes good care of us with fair pricing and quick delivery.
Not just for cars
- 7/5/2018
Great looking product; nice and light. I used it to replace the vent on a Forza 6 console to keep with the car theme.
- 4/10/2018
Thanks mate! Saves me time as I don’t have to paint this. Powder coating is solid!
cool stuff, easy to work with.
- 1/5/2018
very cool stuff. I found no issues with anything. I used as a custom air vent cover on a heater. wish it was a little taller.
Five Stars
- 12/7/2017
Perfect for what I needed!
Five Stars
- 9/18/2017
Very nice material. Worked great for my project.
- 4/14/2017
This is the only place i could find this type of material anywhere close to this price. Excellent quality. Easy to work with. Used regular shears to cut to size. I used a shop press to make custom pressed speaker grills which i would highly recommend as a way to add to the asthetics and protect your gear on a custom job.
Very happy with this.
- 4/7/2017
Really cool looking mesh. It's reasonably priced, plenty strong for deflecting twigs and pebbles, and looks good. The sheet was big enough to do the entire upper and lower grilles for a '15 Mustang with a reasonable amount left over.
Five Stars
- 3/30/2017
used it on my factory five mk IV (PERFECT)
Took some beautiful pictures
- 2/4/2017
Used the right aheasive and haven't had a problem beautiful when painted
it is gloss black with nicely defined hexes
- 12/8/2016
I was concerned about how this item would fare during shipment. I needn't have worried. The guy at know what they are doing. As for the part, it is gloss black with nicely defined hexes. Considering the thin gauge of this sheet, it is amazing how sturdy it feels.
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