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16in. x 48in. Twister Hexagon Mesh Sheet - Vertical - Black #116in. x 48in. Twister Hexagon Mesh Sheet - Vertical - Black #2

16in. x 48in. Twister Hexagon Mesh Sheet - Vertical - Black

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Mesh Information
Raw Material: Aluminum
Product Video
Raw Thickness: 0.065" / 14 Gauge
Open Area: 25-75%%

Our Vertical Twister 16" x 48" sheet is 16 inches tall (top to bottom) and 48 inches wide (left to right) and is ready to be cut and installed right out of the box. This sheet is made from aluminum and has a solid gloss black powder coated finish. Check out the description below for more info, our product video, and customer installs. For additional sizes and colors, please view our main product listing here: Twister Mesh Sheets.

The Original Twisted Mesh! Each hexagon on this sheet is adjustable to allow as little or as much air flow through your bumper as desired. Create unique designs, or direct air to where your vehicle needs it most. There's endless possibilities with this mesh!

Please Note: Twisting the mesh weakens the connecting point that bridges the hexagon. A hexagon with a twist less than 45° remains very strong. A twist 45° - 60° is moderately strong. Twists above 60° will become increasingly weaker the higher the angle. Twists above 90°, and repeated twists are not recommended.

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Tech Specs
Opening Width: ~1.00"
Opening Height: ~0.87"
Strength: Medium
Flexibility: Good
Paintable: Yes
Weight: ~3 lb 14 oz
Finish Type: Powder Coated
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Yes & No. For a single piece or low quantity, we can go smaller than the listed sheet sizes but not larger. For bulk orders (25+ sheets), we can manufacture larger pieces other than the ones listed but there are some limitations, please contact us with your specifications for a quote.
Yes. If you're looking to order in bulk, we can make a production run of a specific color; please contact us for a quote. A single one-off piece, we can do custom colors but the price to make it is typically very high.
All of our sheets are shipped flat. We do not ship the mesh rolled up.
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