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2011 - 2014 Nissan Juke Mesh Grill Kit

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This is a three piece mesh grill guard set for the lower bumper on a Nissan Juke from 2011-14. The mesh pieces come pre-trimmed with our 1/16" Neoprene rubber trim affixed on the black small diamond aluminum mesh.

This powder coated grill set will fit into your bumper without removing it and only with very minor modification needed (as shown in our installation video). Includes 8 mounting ties, mounting bases, and screws for installation. Please click on the other tabs for more information.

Mesh Installation
Tech Data
Raw Material:
Mesh Pattern:
Mesh Thickness:
Open Area:
Size (each):
5.75" x 8.25"
Mesh Trim:
1/16" Neoprene
Weight (Set):
Finish Type:
Powder Coat
Country of Origin:
Yes, all 3 mesh pieces are included.
Yes, the trim will be on the mesh.
We include 8 mounting ties, mounting bases, and screws for installation.
Grille Mesh
3pc Set
7 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.1 / 5 (Show All)
- 4/13/2021
There are great, I just wish it had better installation options. Wiring ties I'are ridiculous . But there look very goog.
Great fit, should be provided by Nissan
- 4/25/2018
Reasonably easy to fit if you take your time and watch the vid on youtube,
Why these are not provided as standard i do not know because on fitting I noticed many stone chips on my radiator, so was only a matter of time before a leak would appear.
Good fit and everything provided
- 7/31/2017
2011 Nissan Juke precut mesh grill inserts
- 7/15/2017
Overall the inserts are nice and they look good. They will serve its purpose of keeping stuff from hitting your trans cooler and condenser. The install is with zip ties, cable tie bases, and screws. The cable tie bases and screws are good and if used together can create a sturdy mount. However, the use of zip ties is the weak link. Zip ties over time will weaken and break due to multitude of reasons and when this happens... say bye bye to your grill inserts. It is better to use safety wire to attach the inserts to the mounting bases and to the car. Also the center grill, there is no real good place to attach the top zip tie (or safety wire) to the car; you will need to find the best spot for yourself to attach it there.
Received it on time am yet to install it
- 6/19/2017
Good product
Looks good but...
- 10/30/2014
Unfortunately, these are not as secure as you might think. I cleaned the areas thoroughly, wiped them down and began the tedious installation process. I was a bit skeptical about the mounts because they are basically just stickers, peel off the bottom film and firmly press onto the car for a few seconds. First two are not too bad but the final one is going to be the biggest pain. Once they were installed they looked great! It looked like that is how the car should've already came. Two days later, I pulled up to work and noticed one was detaching (top mount fell off) so I was going to go home and try to fix it after work. Once I got home it was gone. A week later, I got home and noticed that the far left side was also long gone, that means only the center remained (and is still there). I believe that the only reason the center is still attached is because it doesn't have a top mount, the zip tie attaches to the car itself. Needless to say, I feel that I cannot justify the price for these because the cheap more