August 20th, 2010

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Jeep Cherokee - Small Diamond - Silver

What a week this has been. I've been working hard on a newer Corolla and Camry grill, both of which have been challenging. I also made a new Alero center piece that I came up with while working on a local customer's car. If anyone's had a problem with the current Alero center piece, please email me.

This week's customer photo is a rare one, a '98 Jeep 5.9L Limited. There's not too many of these floating around anymore. I'd made a Silver and a Black set for this customer. Both look good, but the silver one really stands out to me.

Orders up till late Thursday were shipped this week. I am working on a package tracking system for the site, btw. It seems to be a bit buggy for packages that were shipped within 48 hours, but otherwise works fine. I'll try to work out the kinks next week. Have a good weekend.