August 27th, 2010

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Dodge Stealth - Perf SS - Black

Perf SS is popping up all over the place now. Check out this crazy Dodge Stealth that was submitted this week. It's not the easiest to spot in this picture, so I blew up a portion of it to view for you.

Hopefully next week I'll have a slideshow javascript for new customer submitted pictures. If it impacts the loading on the homepage, I might have to move it to it's own page but I hope it won't come to that.

Most of the kinks for zoom feature are gone. It still seems to be spotty on mobile devices but I think it's a size issue that I'll adjust to work. At this time only about 1/3 of the pictures will actually zoom but that will hopefully increase soon.

All orders except for a couple today were shipped out this week. Enjoy the weekend.