April 15th, 2011

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Jeep Cherokee - Woven Wire XXL - Silver

I don't think I've seen this before. Two people submitting almost the same picture from almost the same vehicle, in this case it one was an '05 Jeep and the other was from an '06. The Jeep pictured above is one of the two that was sent in this week. I think it looks fantastic, and hopefully this is something I'll be offer as a pre-made kit soon.

05-10 Tacoma owners, look for hopefully a new options menu to choose from when ordering. You'll have more options than ever before, with almost all mesh styles to choose from. I'm anticipating an installed Perf GT Taco picture in the near future as well.

Most the orders from the week are shipped, and a few from today will have to wait until Monday. Have a good weekend.