April 22nd, 2011

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Ford Mustang - Perf GT - Silver

I love doing some nice custom car grills in the Spring. The pictured car this week was a request for a shiny 07 Mustang grill. This was made from the Perf GT material, and then I polished it up to a high shine. Polished sheets have sure grown in demand this year, as well as polishing of some of the pre-cut inserts like shown here.

This week, I also was sent in some pictures of some precut pieces that I hadn't previously had pictures for. Hopefully I'll get them cropped and uploaded soon. Also, quick side note... I bought 2 new domains this week, more on that in the upcoming weeks.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. It's bound to warm-up here in MI someday soon, I hope.