January 13th, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Ford Ranger - Small Diamond - Custom

This week, we have a colorful Ford Ranger install using the Small Diamond Mesh. This was really well done, the mesh was cut perfectly to the right shape and the install looks seamless. The new wheels and headlights are a good match on the truck too. This picture I cropped from a larger version that was shot in a parking garage, of which the lighting in there almost always produces some of the nicest pictures.

As I noted above, the cuts on that mesh grill were perfect and getting the right shape is often a costly mistake if not done correctly. Often, I suggest to customers to make a paper, cardboard, or foam template first to get a test fit. This year, I'll be sure to add a few videos showing a few tips and tricks on how to measure twice and cut once to ensure a good fit.

It's been super cold here the past few days, and the snow is starting to pile up. I'm glad it's the weekend though, I won't have to worry about unburying my driveway for a day or two if we get a few more inches.