January 20th, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Mitsubishi Eclipse - Diamond Extreme - Silver

For a while, the 06-08 Eclipse grills have been fairly popular. Quite a few people have enjoyed both the silver and the black versions of the inserts I have to offer. Up until today though, there's been one thing missing... the top grill pieces. In the past I'd sold scrap pieces so people can make their own, but now I have some that are pre-cut, pre-trimmed, and ready to complete the ultimate grill for your Eclipse. If you've ordered the bottom piece in the past, the top section will be available for sale separately.

customcargrills.com is going big this year, real big! Soon, you'll see the option on one style of mesh that will be for a whopping 60" wide sheet. All too often I get requests for 50" or 52" sheets that I can't fill the order for. More info on this will be available soon, but the wheel are in motion to get this sought after size readily available for spring time.

We have a big snow storm headed in now and I still need to get the packages out the door. All the orders are now caught up, and you can expect to see your order soon assuming the roads can stay clear for the next couple hours. Have a good weekend.