January 27th, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Chevy Silverado - Woven Wire XXL - Silver

We've been getting a lot of truck grill installs lately and today is no different. Here we have a custom grill for a Silverado that is really unique. The customer had the grill shell and was looking to get some big wire mesh behind it. We did a custom order of some extremely beefy wire that we don't normally stock and the results look great. Very heavy duty grill, that should last a long while.

This week, I ordered many new OEM grills that I'll begin work on soon. Just in time for Spring you'll probably see a new grill for the latest version for the Dodge Ram and Ford Mustang. I might be able to get a much requested Dodge Challenger as well. I'll post more about those as I get them completed.

Here in MI, we're having a pretty good Winter so far. There's only been a couple snow storms and this week has been exceptionally mild. Supposedly though, there's a big storm on Monday and hopefully the roads will be good enough to get the weekend orders out.