February 3rd, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Nissan 350Z - Diamond Extreme - Black

A few months back I launched the 350z grills and showed a picture of the silver version. This week I got in a great looking picture of the Powder Coat Gloss Black version of it from a customer in ND. It looks really good on the factory silver paint job. The grill and the other mods (such as Nissan emblem removal and air duct) set this car apart from the rest of the pack.

I'm currently revamping some of the features on the website. For a while, the picture zoom function will be down but hopefully we'll get it up and going again here soon. The possibility of Loyalty Points might be used in the near future for repeat customers. In the past I'd just used coupon codes to reward repeat business but by using a loyalty point system I can make it a bit more efficient on my end. If there's any website features you think I'm missing, feel free to throw out some suggestions.

It's February and thankfully it's been a fairly mild winter so far. If only they could all be like this. Typically I don't work outside on grills much this time of year but it's definitely possible this year and I've been quite productive thus far.