February 10th, 2012

Discounts Apply !
 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Jeep Cherokee - Small Diamond - Silver

Given how extremely cold and snowy it is outside right now, I felt this customer picture was appropriate. This 96-98 Jeep Grand Cherokee install was sent in from Norway and the mesh is actually behind the factory plastic slats as opposed to on top of them. It's a really clean look that's not too flashy, for those who are looking for a subtle add-on.

On the topic of international orders, I've been doing better at trying to translate foreign language emails and reply to the customers in their native language. I have no doubt that my grammar is less than ideal but we're able to now effectively communicate to French and Spanish speaking countries now. Other languages are likely to follow as the demand increases as well.

This week I finished the outline on some new Mustang grills, as well as finished up the newer Dodge Ram template (these should be on the website next week). Doing the cutout on the Mustang is very challenging but it'll be done soon. All the orders from the week up to 5pm Fri are shipped and on their way, have a good weekend.