February 24th, 2012

Discounts Apply !
 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Hex XXL - Silver

The requests to get larger sheets of mesh stocked were heard and I'm pleased to say that we're now offering the Hexagon XXL sheets in a HUUUGE 18"x60" sheet size. The silver version is $64.99 + S&H. A powder coat gloss black version will be available in the weeks to come as well. The shipping costs on these will follow the "balloon rate" rules as they are extremely large packages.

Support for Ford cars in the past has been fairly weak. I'm trying to change that some by finishing up work on some Mustang grills. Getting the cut around the pony on the newer models is quite challenging but I should have them done soon. There's good odds I'll give a couple of these away to testers, so if you have a newer Mustang, just email me for details.

In general, we're still having a very mild winter in MI. I've spent more time developing new features or products and less time shoveling snow, which is a really good thing. I've also been able to get order shipped out faster than ever before, and like in week's past most of them are on their way. Have a good weekend.