March 2nd, 2012

Discounts Apply !
 Written by: Matt Sparks
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New eBay Store

I've had a few unused domain names for a while that were getting very little use. We decided to give one of them, to our eBay store and we gave the store template quite a facelift as well. The revised template turned out great and I hope all the auction hunters like it as well. The short url is quite handy, and I'm glad to finally be putting that domain name to good use. From time to time, we'll also be blowing out some discontinued items on that site.

Looking ahead, we're going to try to stock more of the Flat Black painted sheets than we have ever before. Most of these were just custom orders only or limited availability but I'm likely going to carry a good range of sheets in the finish. If the demand for pre-cut flat black sets increases, I'm willing to act on that as well.

This week was one of the busiest we'd ever had in 11 yrs. Every day was a challenge to get all the orders out the door but we were able to do it. We're all caught up again though and everything is on its way. Have a good weekend.