April 13th, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Square Woven Mesh - Black

As mentioned last week, we're starting to stock some powder coated Woven Wire Sheets. Availability is limited for now, but we do have a few in stock. The option to order them directly from the website, as opposed to having to call the order in, will appear next week. Look for a "gut and cut" type install video on a 97-03 Dakota / Durango using one of these materials in a few weeks as well.

Quite some time ago we launched two "limited edition" meshes. One of the two was a clear favorite over the other, and we're going to be adding a beefed up version of it into our normal product line. Next week, I'll let you know if it was the Perf Hex or Perf Oval that won over the majority.

This weekend I was hoping to get out and take some bike rides but it's supposed to be raining the whole time. If it does, I'll probably work inside and do a fresh batch of samples packs. All the orders should be on their way, we've had some problems with the new USPS Click'N'Ship, so if you're not getting any tracking numbers just email me.