May 11th, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Mitsubishi Eclipse - Diamond XXL Flat - Silver

I'm starting to see a few 00-02 Eclipse grill pictures come in now. We've been without a good photo of this model for quite some time. Hopefully this summer I'll be able to fill in some of the gaps for the years we're missing for this car, which would include the 95-99 and the 09+ grills.

I'm also looking to close in some gaps in other vehicles this year, mostly trucks like the F-150 that I've neglected to do much with over the years. This week, I drew up a preliminary outline for the 99-03 F-150 which should still be a fairly popular truck.

There's been quite a wait on a few custom powder coat items but those will hopefully be completed soon. All but a couple orders are shipped. Have a good weekend.