May 18th, 2012

Discounts Apply !
 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Toyota Celica - Diamond XXL Flat - Silver

Here's a new pre-cut item I'll be stocking soon, it's for the 00-02 Celica. This'll probably initially be available in the Diamond XXL Flat mesh as shown, and it can install fairly easy in a similar matter to the Eclipse's with the foam tape. For those who want to remove the factory emblem, we'll have the template to do a top piece as well.

Today I rolled out the new html emails for order confirmations. So, if you're a repeat customer, the new email receipts will be quite a departure what we were sending out. The new emails will have a lot more information than before, in an easier to read format, and overall look better.

All the orders should be on their way from this week (except for one that JUST came in now). For this weekend I needed to buy a new battery for my Saturn. It should be up and running soon, fingers are crossed because it hasn't seen much action lately.