July 6, 2012

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 Written by: Matt Sparks
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Nissan 350Z - Small Perf - Silver

Check out this awesome Small Perf installation on a 350Z we received a picture of this week. Prior to using this mesh, the customer had some black mesh that looked ok but this new silver look really makes the front end stand out. I'm pretty sure the cutout in the lower center piece is a tricked out swivel arm to lower the front plate which is very slick.

This week, I ordered a new Dakota grill to work on and hopefully have an insert kit for soon. The 97-03 Dakota owners have always been great to us and I hope to have the same success with the new models as well. I'm also going to venture into the Kia models a little bit as well. They have some very unique shapes that will likely be a challenge but I think there will be a market for some of the models in their vehicle lineup.

The heat wave continues here in MI. It's been at or over 100 a few days this week. Doing any custom grill work outside isn't going to be very productive until it cools down a little bit. I hope everyone had a good and safe 4th of July.