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1996-98 (and 99-02*) Toyota 4Runner Grill Mesh With TRD Emblem #11996-98 (and 99-02*) Toyota 4Runner Grill Mesh With TRD Emblem #21996-98 (and 99-02*) Toyota 4Runner Grill Mesh With TRD Emblem #3

1996-98 (and 99-02*) Toyota 4Runner Grill Mesh With TRD Emblem

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 Flat black emblems are powder coated and are regularly stocked.

Red, Tri-Color, and Stars & Stripes are also regularly stocked items, and come with a durable yet easy to replace vinyl finish.

Color matched emblems are painted to order, typically a 1-2 week lead time. Some colors may be made with color matched vinyl when available and in those circumstances are typically 1-2 day lead time.
Price: $99.99
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This is a mesh grill piece that is pre-cut and pre-bent for a Toyota 4Runner from 1996-98.

The 1996-98 grill frame also fits on the 1999-02 model, so this will work with those years as well if the grill frame is swapped to the 1996-98 style. Our pre-cut mesh pieces are made in the USA.

This mesh piece will fit into your existing grill after modification (as shown in our installation video).

Only the mesh & emblem are for sale; factory grille is NOT included. Full replacement grilles that include the grille frame are available here.

This mesh piece only fits on the 1996-98 grille frame, which then can be installed on a 1999-02 4Runner. This is not a direct fit onto a 1999-02 grille frame.
Mesh Installation
Tech Data
Raw Material:
Slot Opening Size:
0.125" x 1"
0.065" / 14 Gauge
Open Area:
5.75" x 31.75" x 1"
Finish Type:
Black Powder Coat
Country of Origin:
Emblem Tech Data
Raw Material (Front):
Stainless Steel
Raw Material (Back):
2.25" x 7"
~4 oz
Finish Type (Black):
Powder Coated
Finish Type (Color Matched):
Vinyl or Wet Spray
Finish Type (Flag):
Country of Origin:
This specific item is only for the mesh portion. We have pre-made grilles for this 4Runner available here.
Yes, please watch the install video we have available for more info.
No, this mesh piece will not directly fit a 1999-02 grille. The mod is only intended to work with the 1996-98 grille frame, which can be swapped onto a 1999-02 4Runner
If you're using a 1996-98 frame, the one and only thing that can sometimes be a potential issue is the female part of the grille mounting clip. Some 1999-02 clips aren't as tall as the 1996-98's. If this is an issue, there's a few different fixes. Either make the female end of the clip taller, swap the clips to the 1996-98 version, or cut off the attachment clips and bolt on the grille.
We use the Perforated SS mesh which is available here if you are looking to either make your own mesh pieces or add-on more mesh.
Mesh Piece Pricing
Mesh + Basic Color Letters
Mesh + USA Flag Letters
Mesh + Color Matched Letters
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